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OpenGL is the most widely adopted, cross-platform standard for 3D rendering and 3D hardware acceleration. The software runtime library ships with all Windows, MacOS, Linux and Unix systems.
OpenGL is built for compatibility across hardware and operating systems. This architecture makes it easy to port OpenGL programs from one system to another.

The OpenGL Perl module allows a Perl program to use OpenGL by letting it make OpenGL function calls.
Note that all the books on OpenGL can be used to program with this module: it's easy to jump from C to Perl and vice versa.
More general info on Wikipedia.

The current maintainer of the Perl OpenGL module is Chris Marshall.

The project development is hosted by SourceForge.

The old version of this page can be consulted here (for the nostalgic ones).


The last version of the package and all useful associated modules: are in my ppm repository.

If you are using ActiveState's Perl distribution (Perl5.6, Perl5.8, Perl5.10, Perl5.12 and Perl5.14), the easiest way to install this module is to use ppm.
Type (or cut & paste) this command in a DOS console:

     ppm install http://www.bribes.org/perl/ppm/OpenGL.ppd

Example script

To test the module, I translated in Perl some classic C programs for OpenGL.
Download the package (POGLdemo.zip) and run the scripts to test the module on your machine.

gears   teapot


noof   cube

The last screenshot is the one of the script cube.pl, an adaptation in Perl of the Chris Halsall's programme cube.c.
See the O'Reilly Network.


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